Her Campus College Fashion Week Ends in Boston

By Jamie Ducharme & Kelsey Zimmerer
Photos: Elise Borja

There are few events that can make hundreds of college girls wearing towering heels agree to wait in the October cold, but on Saturday night, Her Campus’ College Fashion Week did just that. The yearly fashion show/girly extravaganza held at the Estate, attracted throngs of well-dressed women from all of Boston’s colleges for a night of free fashion.

Neither of us had been before and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Upon entering the Estate, seeing the blindingly pink Her Campus signs and hearing the pounding dance music, we got a better idea of the vibe­­ — a girly, glittery nightclub. Alternatively, imagine the setting for a Katy Perry music video.

Groups of stylishly dressed girls were everywhere, taking pictures, tweeting and sipping on the signature cocktails made for the event. Though we were disappointed (and hungry) due to the lack of free food, our mood quickly changed when we were able to talk our way into the VIP section as members of the press. (Thanks, Fashion & Retail Society!) By sitting VIP, we not only got actual seats, ­­which were hard to come by in the packed venue, ­­but a swag bag full of coupons and free gifts. Most importantly, we got VIP badges that we could take horrifying selfies with at our seats.

DSC_0315As we waited for the show to start, one of Her Campus’ founders, Windsor Western, served as the night’s entertaining and glamorous emcee. We came to the decision that she is a real life Elle Woods, ­­a Harvard educated, bubbly blonde who can work a pair of heels, ­­so she immediately got props from us for that. Then, at around 7:30 p.m., it was time for the main event: the fashion show.

Western prepped the audience for the show by explaining her exasperation with the unwearable clothes typically seen on the runway­. The goal of Her Campus was to showcase real clothes that college girls should actually wear. Naturally then, the theme of the night was “A Day in the Life of a Collegiette,” she said, and this would be unlike any fashion show we had ever seen.

The show was broken up into five categories, starting with “You Snooze, You Lose,” an ode to the importance of looking cute while working out, something we can’t argue with. The models sported black spandex, a gym goer’s staple color, as well as neon pink and orange in a variety of comfortable yet fitted workout gear. The preppy gym attire was definitely cuter than your basic oversized t-shirt and shorts, proven by the approving “oohs” and “ahhs” the audience let out when out came a bustier inspired top.DSC_0335

After a morning workout, next up on a collegiette’s day is class, or as Her Campus put it, “Go To Class? I Am Class.” After the laughter died down from Western’s sassy introduction, the music started up again and out came a range of casual looks for every style. The first few outfits featured sweaters with “Geek” and “Nerd” knit across the chest, paired with jeans, skate shoes and pastel turban headwraps. While we could absolutely picture this look on Northeastern’s campus, it didn’t resonate with us as much as the bright printed harem pants (which are huge right now) that came out next, paired with a statement necklace in a matching hue. City chic, for sure. For a cozier look, we loved the graphic sweaters with hipster­esque mustaches and leggings­ perfect for the wintry Boston weather to come.

DSC_0344Up next: “Werk It,” a college girl’s guide to the ultimate question: what to wear to an internship. As almost every student in Boston has had or is about to begin her first internship, this portion of the show was extremely relevant. Maybe Northeastern’s co-­op advisors have pushed us in a more conservative direction when it comes to work wear, but some of the looks seemed to be pushing it for “office appropriate,” such as the mini­dress and 5-­inch heels. Otherwise, the outfits which were geared toward a fashion internship (perfect for Fashion & Retail Society!), showed bold shoulders, a mix of solids and patterns, and a navy midi dress that we were totally drooling over.

To cap off the show, the models gave us inspiration on what to wear for a night out in “Twerk It” and for Halloween in a special edition ending! Spoiler Alert: no twerking was done and a teddy bear suit was nowhere in site­ — no complaints from these audience members. For a weekend party or club, Her Campus showed cool ­girl glitter shorts, plenty of peplum tops and a bold printed jumpsuit. As for Halloween, they showed a mix of budget friendly options that added fun accessories to closet staples for girly get­ups like a flapper or a ladybug.

We would have loved to see a few more fashion forward looks to inspire us to new sartorial heights, but what Her Campus’s show did do is prove that being fashionable is achievable and fun. Overall, the show was full of looks that could appeal to anyone and did focus on what real girls are really wearing­. Mission accomplished.

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