Save Stylishly: Halloween Edition

By Kristen McCleary


Once again, Halloween is upon us and many of you may be scrambling for a costume. No one wants to debut with the tired “Black Cat” or “Lax Bro.” You may find yourself on a strict deadline to find a costume or with a budget too thin to afford one. Lucky for you, and your wallet, there are more than monsters hiding in your closet. Here are cool, stylish costumes that can all be created from pieces you have lying around.


Belly Dancer:

I did this one myself and it worked out fantastically. All it takes is sex appeal and creativity. Find all of the gold jewelry you and your roommates have lying around; the more bangles the better. Find loose fitting pants, either in linen or silk – yogas can work in a pinch. A crop top in a jewel tone will work best for your top; I used a silky tank that I had and simply tucked it into a bandeau. Layer on the gold jewelry, dramatic eyeliner, a high, loosely curled ponytail and a pair of ballet flats and you’re ready to shake it like Shakira!

Holly Golightly: holly-golightly1

This is a good, easy costume for girls who opt for pretty, as opposed to sexy, on Halloween. And who says pretty isn’t sexy when you’re emulating Audrey Hepburn? Put on your most flattering LBD, add pearl necklaces, bracelets and your go-to black heels. If you have bangs, wear them out with your hair in a high bun, teased up in the front. If you don’t have bangs, part your hair on the side and secure it to the side above your ear, then wear the same high bun with a teased top. Roll up a piece of paper for her ever-present cigarette and you’re ready to do some Tiffany’s window shopping. Black gloves are a bonus!


This costume will win you points in the clever category, but it takes a bit of craftiness. Dress yourself in either all orange or black and white stripes – this is your “jail” uniform. For good measure, put a sign with a number across your back. Then, roll out the tin foil and fashion a “hook”. The curve should go around your left hip with the pointed end landing at your midriff, while the straight section of the hook goes across your back with the looped end resting at your right shoulder.  You’re jail…bait! Get it? Bonus points if you “hook” someone at the party.


Northeastern Freshman:

This is quite possibly the easiest and the warmest costume available in a hurry. Dig out The Orientation T-Shirt (you know you have it lying around somewhere) and layer on a Northeastern sweatshirt paired with Northeastern sweatpants, preferably in the same color. If you don’t have those, you either don’t go here or have never stepped foot in the bookstore. Slap on that infamous Husky lanyard with your Husky Card attached, and voila. You’re transported back in time to that great year you spent in Stetson. Feel free to add your own details for a unique spin (anyone have a campus map lying around? Or the ResLife water bottle?) Of course, this costume can also be managed for any other university with the same spirited freshmen.

brawny2Brawny Man: 

This is an adorable and relatively simple costume for guys. Don your favorite plaid shirt, preferably in red, and jeans. Skip the shave or draw on a beard and carry around a roll of paper towels, though I know those can be notoriously difficult to locate in a typical male apartment. The Brawny man stance will give you a valid reason to flex, plus you’ll be the savior of the host when the inevitable spill happens.

Ceiling Fan – Or Any Fan for that Matter:

This is the easiest costume one can possibly wear. Whichever your favorite team may be, throw on the jersey and deck yourself out in your team colors. Put on some face paint for good measure. Comfortable, simple and you get to display ridiculous team pride outside of gameday. A more creative spin on this costume would be to go as a “Ceiling” Fan. Put on a plain t-shirt, and tape a sign that says “Go Ceiling!” to it. Make a flag out of paper and a straw that says it as well. Add a hat, face paint, whatever else you would wear to cheer on a team, all based around “Ceiling.” Easy as can be – just don’t forget the “I before E except after C” rule or the “sexy teachers” might get on your case.

Couples/ Group Costume:SavedbytheBell3

Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris, or the whole Saved by the Bell Gang:

Saved by the Bell – what a great show. Give off your early nineties glam in this outfit with your significant other as Kelly and Zach, the ultimate couple, or recruit your friends and go as Kelly, Zack, Lisa, Slater, Screech and Jessie. Add in Mr. Belding if you can. Sweatshirts tied around your waist, scrunchies, ridiculous amounts of hairspray and as many sequins as you can find (I’m looking at you, Lisa Turtle) will make this costume look authentic. Goodwill is always good for nineties gear if you’re having trouble finding it in your closet. This costume is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and an all out classic.

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