Intern Diaries: Brooke Kamenoff at J.Crew

By Jamie Ducharme
Photos: Brooke Kamenoff

Name: Brooke KamenoffIMG_5232
Orlando, FL
Major: International business (Spanish track)
Graduation year: This spring (probably)
Company: J.Crew
Job Title: The easiest way to put this is that I was a “Marketing Intern” because I worked on two different teams. Breaking it down though, I was a “Social Media & Digital Development Intern” and “Factory Brand Marketing Intern.”
Paid or unpaid: Hourly wage, which is a lot better than other fashion industry internships.
Part or full time: Full time for 10 weeks.
Previous co-ops/internships: Internship with Her Campus’s national office through my freshman and sophomore years, first co-op with TJX in the TJMaxx brand marketing department, and another internship last spring with the Improper Bostonian in marketing/sales.

What was your day-to-day job like?

Like almost every other fashion internship, it’s safe to say that there was no “normal” day-to-day. Most of my responsibilities dealt with social media, so I did a lot of analysis and monitoring of our pages as well as the industry as a whole. I also worked on content creation for the Pinterest and Tumblr pages for both Madewell (which is owned by J.Crew) and J.Crew. Another big part was blogger outreach and research. I helped create lists of bloggers for various initiatives, events and outreach. As an avid blog reader, this was a lot of fun!

What was your favorite part? What about least favorite?

I can’t say I had one favorite part of my internship. Every day was absolutely amazing and I had the opportunity to do a ton of things. Highlights definitely include attending our various intern lunches where we had the chance to sit and talk with upper management (including Jenna Lyons), assisting with the launch of J.Crew’s customer service Twitter, as well as really just working and learning from my teams. I worked with some fantastically talented people, so getting to talk with them and pick their brains every day was great. As you can tell by my gushing over the internship, I can truly say I did not have a least favorite part.

What did the job teach you?

The job taught me several things about myself, but also about the department. First, I learned that I love working in the digital space. Everything is constantly changing and it’s extremely interesting to see how it changes the way people shop and live their lives. In terms of the department, I learned just how linked every department is and how much detail goes into anything companies do. Of course, I knew this slightly beforehand but I had no idea just how thought out everything was, especially at a company like J.Crew that makes everything look so effortless.


Did your view on the fashion industry change at all?

I wouldn’t say my views on the industry changed too drastically, but it was nice to confirm that there are in fact extremely sweet and talented people working in the fashion industry. It also confirmed that the industry is indeed very small and pretty much everyone knows everyone.

What was it like relocating to New York?

Relocating to New York City wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I lived in dorms right off of Union Square, so I was located right in the hub of everything, which was fantastic. I had never lived in NYC before, so it was fun to discover the city and the different neighborhoods. As an international business student, I’m currently in Spain, so I think NYC was the perfect step for me between Boston and Madrid.

IMG_5249How did you get the internship?

Northeastern University didn’t specifically help me get the internship, but the Fashion & Retail Society actually did. A J.Crew recruiter ended up emailing the club about a recruiting session at Madewell and I went to that in about mid-October. After that, we kept in touch and in January, I applied online through their website. The following months involved a regular interview process.

Did you get a jealousy-inducing new wardrobe?

I wouldn’t say I got a completely new wardrobe at J.Crew because I worked as a sales associate at the Boston Copley store beforehand, but I definitely built my wardrobe up a bit… or maybe a lot. The discount is too good to pass up!

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