Girls’ Take on Guys’ Shoes

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson

Winter is approaching and fall is in full effect, so that means it’s time for those Fall/Winter ’14 trends to hit the streets. Of course, every girl will be keeping her eyes peeled for women’s trends on the sidewalk, but there is a wealth of fashion opportunities for men as well. Some guys get it right and others don’t fare as well, but it’s always interesting to shine a spotlight on the often overlooked men’s fashion. Today, we’re taking a look specifically at men’s shoe trends for this fall and winter and getting a few girls’ opinions on what the rest of the season has in store.


Monk-strap Shoe (Carven)

“It looks weird to me. It’s weirdly punk, but looks business-y. I can’t imagine when you would wear these shoes.” – Jane McGinnis, sophomore, communication studies

“It’s goes against tradition. I don’t really like it. It’s kind of unattractive. I don’t particularly like the two buckles in between.” – Jordyn Hanover, sophomore, behavioral neuroscience

“I don’t like it. It reminds me of a straitjacket in a shoe form. It just looks ugly. I wouldn’t want any guy I know wearing that.” –Soha Jasani, sophomore, sociology


Loafers (Emporio Armani)

“I think my dad owns a pair of shoes like that. They’re not bad, but nothing new.” – McGinnis

“I think they look like pilgrim shoes. They’re very traditional. They’re just not jumping out at me. They’re very business-like and classy.” – Hanover

“They’re ok, but it just depends on the style. They would go well with dress pants. These Emporio Armani loafers look like shoes my grandpa would wear. I would suggest to my friends that they should choose something else if they were wearing these.” – Jasani


Trainers (Lanvin)

“It’s okay as a running shoe, but it clashes with his outfit. It looks ridiculous.” – McGinnis

“The colors are dull and unattractive. I think the shoes should be kept separate from the suit. ” – Hanover

“I like them! I think they’re nice. I feel like guys wear this on a day-to-day basis anyway. As long as they have good color schemes, they’re good.” – Jasani


Slippers (Louis Vuitton)

“I don’t even have any words. I’m just not into metrosexual guys and if I met a guy wearing these, I would assume he was gay. They look like something your gay grandpa would wear. It just isn’t a good look for the type of guy I would be attracted to.” – McGinnis

“The slippers are cute, but not practical. I would never expect anyone to wear them outside of their home. They’re lounge shoes, basically. I think the concept would do better marketed as a spring/summer women’s shoe. If I saw a guy wearing them, I would tell him to go home and put some real shoes on.” – Hanover

“Are those meant for public? I mean, you look at the model and you’re like, oh, he’s got it going on, and then you look down at his shoes and it’s just a turn-off. I don’t think they’re appropriate for the runway or for what the model is wearing. They’re meant for home. I couldn’t imagine a guy wearing this.” – Jasani


Brogues (Moschino)

“Actually not terrible. It kind of has that rockabilly vibe. It still looks like a grandpa shoe, but I guess it’s just that style. I like it.” – McGinnis

“Ooh, that is classy, I like them! They’re very classic, old Hollywood. I like that they’re making a comeback.” – Hanover

“I actually like these. If I saw a guy wearing these, I would think he’s really classy. Again, the color scheme is important. I really do like them, though.” – Jasani


Ankle Boots (Valentino)

“I can’t figure out how to wear ankle boots and I’m a girl! I guess they’re okay if you can figure out how to wear them right.” – McGinnis

“Oh, the ankle boots are not cute. They’re like a wannabe girls’ shoe, but not quite good enough.” – Hanover

“I’ve seen one or two guys wear these around school. It’s one of those things where if you can pull it off, then wear it, but if you can’t pull it off, then don’t. I also think it depends on the style of the boots. If a guy gets a good pair, I wouldn’t mind if he wore them.” – Jasani





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