3 Days of Style: Rachel W.

Name: Rachel Worthman

Major: Business – Marketing

My style in 3 words: Sweet. Simple. Cozy.

Background: I am a closet art student in a business student’s body; so while my major may refine my professionalism, I always find a way to sneak in my creativity.  Autumn is the best season for throwing together your favorite pieces from warm and cold weather, where it’s either too hot to wear layers or so cold that you must hide your outfit underneath a massive parka (I’m from Minnesota, I know this all too well). My favorite part about autumn colors is the combination of neutrals with warm, bright colors; I am a fan of caramel and tan neutrals as well as shades of gray.


Day 1: Friday! My casual wear to end the week; I balanced my colorful outfit with a neutral sweater and scarf.  I like to mimic my clothing choices off of the weather and today was both a chilly, cup-of-tea morning and a warm, sunshine-through-the-clouds morning.  As far as autumn goes, my main priority is to wear clothes that make me feel as if I never left my bed that morning (especially since I have 8am’s EVERY day), but without looking as if I just rolled out of bed 15 minutes before class- which sometimes, I admit, does happen.

(Scarf: Brandy Melville; Sweater: Allsaints Spitalfields; Top: Jcrew; Pants: American Eagle Outfitters; Belt: American Eagle Outfitters; Shoes: Melissa)

Day 2: Saturday- my trip to the apple orchard! My roommate, who accompanied me to the orchard, had to deal with how seriously I took dressing for the event, since I was planning on photographing the entire day.  Apple orchards and the autumn activities associated with orchards are staples of the season in my midwestern hometown.  So I pulled out my Irish sweater, my thick, apple red flannel and leather boots in preparation to journey an hour outside of Boston.

(Flannel shirt: Jack Wills; Sweater: Sweater boutique in Aran Islands, Ireland; Corduroys: H&M; Boots: DSW)

Day 3: Sunday- for comfortable coffeehouse studying, my go-to is always chunky knitwear.  Sundays between autumn and winter often have a tendency to feel very bleak, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my eyes.  As aforementioned, I like to dress like the weather, even if it means dressing to match the overcast skies (there is just something warm and cozy about that).

(Scarf: Topshop; Dress: BP- Nordstroms; Leggings: Forever 21; Shoes: Coolway; Bag: River Island)

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