Links We Love: Oct. 27, 2013

By Stephanie Baladi
Photos: The Cut

Winter is coming quickly and the cold weather is here to stay! Check out the links below to find some staples for the chilly season ahead!


1. Making the switch over from flip flops to knee-high boots can sometimes put a strain on your bank account. Are you still searching for that perfect pair of shoes to get you through the winter and not empty your wallet? Look no further! New York Magazine has done the legwork for you and put together a list of the best fall shoes for under $200. [Fall’s Best 50 Shoes and Boots for Under $200; The Cut]

2. A must-have for everyone this winter is a thick, warm coat, but sometimes, it’s hard to keep yourself from getting buried under all that fabric. Fashionista’s got your back! They’ve come up with a fit guide to help you find the best shape for your frame. [The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Most Flattering Coat For Your Body;]

3. We’ve only got a couple days left until Halloween! Have you picked out your costume? If you haven’t, fear not! The people over at Refinery29 know that sometimes life can get a little stressful and have given us a quick, easy accessory guide to make any outfit ready for Halloween night! [14 Last Minute Halloween Accessories for Procrastinators; Refinery29]

4. For any of you out there who are like me, you’ve dreamed of the day you’d submit your application to the Condé Nast internship program. Unfortunately, this past week, the company announced its decision to discontinue the program following lawsuits from former interns. Whether or not the suits were the driving reason to get rid of the internships is still up for speculation, but it seems like a pretty good guess. [Condé Nast Eliminates Internship Program; Refinery29]

5. Most high fashion models get their start between the ages of 13 and 16. With their high pressure lifestyles and busy schedules, it can sometimes be easy to forget that these women working the catwalks are actually just kids. A bill was passed this week to give underage models the same legal protections as other child performers. [Sara Ziff’s Underage-Model Bill Gets Signed Into Law; The Cut]

6. Madewell’s new designer Somsack Sikhounmuong replaced former designer Kin Ying Lee earlier this year and he plans to take the brand back to its successful beginnings. Recently, Madewell’s pieces were straying from their well-crafted basics to trendier pieces. Sikhounmuong wants to go back to those “lived-in, go-to” pieces that made the brand a hit with customers at its launch in 2007. [Madewell’s Makeover: The New Designer’s Vision; The Cut]

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