Save Stylishly: 4 Ways to Wear a Scarf

By Alex Sadler

Many girls know how to tie and knot their scarves, making it look different from the typical one-wrap look. But it’s time to get even more creative with your scarves and start wearing them in places other than your neck. If you’re trying to branch out of the norm and make a statement, then listen up girlies! Here are four unique ways you can show off your pretty scarves while making fashionable statements.

Wear it as a headband:


If you ever have a hard time styling your hair in the morning and are just about to whip it up into a ponytail, remember that you have a closet full of scarves that are ready to be shown off. Wrap it around the top of your head and tie it in a knot at the bottom. Remember, it’s okay if it’s a long scarf and the ends hang over your shoulder. This is a look that anybody can pull off, which also helps with those dreaded bad hair days.

Wear it as a bracelet:


If you have a scarf that’s on the smaller side, wrap it around your wrist and tie it with a cute bow. You can compliment the scarf with a watch or another bracelet.

Wear it as a shield from the sun:

Head Scarf

Instead of tying a scarf around your head and wearing it as a headband, you can drape the scarf over your entire head. Throw the ends over each shoulder and you’ve got protection for your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. This look is not only really easy, but it’s protecting you as well!

Wear it as a belt:


If you’re sick of the typical brown and black belts with bulky buckles, look through your scarf collection and pick one that matches your outfit. Slip the scarf through each loophole of your pants, skirt or shorts and tie it off to the side with a simple knot. This gives the outfit an extra flare and makes a fun and exciting statement.

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