3 Days of Style: Camila C.

Name: Camila Sant’ Anna Costa

Major: Business Administration – Marketing

Minor: Communication Studies

My style in three words: Feminine. Classic. Eclectic.

Background: Living in Boston has definitely made an impact on my style. I was used to the warm weather of Brazil, and coming here I learned which types of boots and jackets are best for each season. Fall is definitely my favorite, with sunny days where you can get away with wearing skirts or a colorful (and warm) pair of jeans. All in all, I would say I pretty much stay on the feminine side of fashion; however, it depends a lot on how I’m feeling, it’s a chance for change everyday!


Day 1: I went out for dinner with my friends on a beautiful night here in Boston, though it was a bit chilly. I just love colored pants, and this new pair is a favorite of mine. They give an edge to any outfit. My top was pretty girly, so I decided to wear some heavy boots and a leather jacket just to make it different.

(Top: 344; Pants/Jacket: Zara; Boots: Nina Rios)

Day 2: For work, I try to say warm and comfy. These black boots can dress up any outfit, and pairing them with a white blouse is the easiest—and fastest—way of getting to work on time. The yellow blazer adds a little sun to my outfit and my day!

(Top: Forever 21; Boots/Leggins: Zara; Blazer: Calvin Klein)

Day 3: My two favorite things: leather and denim. This skirt is so playful and versatile that almost anything can go with it. And nothing’s better than a statement necklace to make an outfit interesting.

(Top: Zara; Skirt: Forum; Necklace: Aldo)

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