Guys’ Take on Girls’ Shoes

By Jamie Ducharme
Photos: Urban Outfitters, Thom Brown, Aldo

There are a lot of things guys don’t understand about girls (and vice versa), and shoe choices have to be pretty high on that list. Guys stare at us blankly when we pull out heels for a frat party or when we spend 10 minutes lacing up our gladiator sandals—just as we try to hide our disgust when they wear Adidas shower shoes to dinner. To get to the bottom of the confusion, we asked guys for their take on a few fall footwear trends.

Trend 1: Wedge sneakers

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.39.49 PM“What’s a wedge sneaker? It’s trying too hard to not be a sneaker, but it still is.” — Owen Durham, third year, chemical engineering

“Those ones look like something hipsters at Ryder wear. Not sure if that makes them fashionable or not.” — Eric Pfalzgraf, third year, music industry

“From my perspective, it’s a lot more shoe than necessary. It’s like having a big beige extension of your leg.” — Chris Benevento, third year, journalism and economics

Trend 2: Creepers

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.40.43 PM “Looks a little disco. Cool in certain party situations, but I don’t see anyone wearing that to class.” — Matt Garvin, third year, computer engineering

“I don’t see a time when anyone would ever wear one of those. They should have been left in the 70s for musicians.” — Durham

“I would expect the wearer of that shoe to step off of a saucer. Also, not really sure, but the bottom looks like they just cut it off of a tire.” — Benevento

Trend 3: Studded boots

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.41.00 PM“Durable, versatile and stylish, it can be worn with a wide array of outfits. The bedazzling gives it a little something to stand out from the crowd.”—Garvin

“The studs are a slight drawback, but they say, ‘Hey, I’m fashionable and kick ass, too.’ I’d actively say that I like the boots, unlike the other two which would lead me to be like a ‘what’s on your feet’ type of deal.”—Durham

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