Paris Fashion Week 2013 Louis Vuitton Review

By Roseline Mbam
Photos: Vogue UK


Louis Vuitton collection at Paris Fashion Week was a celebration of Marc Jacobs’s long tenure with the global luxury brand. The runway was completely transformed into an amazing spectacle, which featured a carousel, an escalator, a fountain and an elevator.

The models were dressed in peacock feathers, black ensembles and black ankle boots. Occasionally, some models wore blue jeans. The makeup was very neutral with bold eyebrows. Looking at the show, it’s clear Jacobs drew inspiration from showgirls and burlesque.

An all black display with military jackets and drawstring bags showcasing the ultimate fashion forward show girl, Jacobs’s final show for Louis Vuitton was a hit. As the luxury brand’s creative director for 16 years, Jacobs created memorable shows that not only kept the Louis Vuitton legacy going, but were also fashion forward.

The next director has incredibly large shoes to fill.

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