Campus Chic — Shane S.

By Elise Borja

The Fashion & Retail Society has been keeping an eye on all of the best dressed dress ladies on campus, but it seems that we haven’t been noticing any of the guys who are always dressed to the nines. Autumn is the time of year when most students tend to dress their best, so we went out and found one of the best dressed guys on Northeastern’s campus.

DSC_0297Name: Shane S.

Hometown: Barrington, Rhode Island

Majors: Economics and Communication Studies

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Fun, flirty and chic! I’m kidding. I’d say laid back, preppy and classic.

What are you favorite places to shop at? 

I love J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and Vineyard Vines.

What are some fall trends that you really love?

I like jeans and pullovers. I don’t really know fashion, but I like being warm, so layers.

What is a big fashion “don’t” for guys?

I really don’t like when guys think that it’s ok to wear sweats all the time. Dress to impress, especially at Northeastern.

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