Top Looks of New York Fashion Week 2013

By Alexandra Sadler

New York Fashion Week took the fashion world by storm, showing off the new looks of Ralph Lauren, Diesel Black Gold, Michael Kors and many more. New York got a glimpse of edgy and daring designs that will make their way into the fashion industry this upcoming spring and summer.

Here are a few of our favorite looks of NYFW:

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Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren’s designs are commonly known for their elegance and class. While this year’s collection proved to be just that, it also took a 1960s turn with bolder colors and loose fitting dresses.

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Diesel Black Gold: This year’s collection for Diesel Black Gold stuck to the tradition of a biker look with leather jackets and studded statement pieces, but they were matched with sophisticated silk and sheer tops. The simplicity of the tops made the looks less harsh and more delicate while still walking on the line of edgy and unique.

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Michael Kors: The new collection for Michael Kors took a different direction this year emphasizing floral patterns and fur statements. The floral patterns create a fun image for this upcoming spring and summer, but still stay along the lines of elegance and grace. The fur statements topped off each piece with a sense of boldness but still kept the look classy and simple.

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