Guys’ Take on Girls’ Autumn Trends

By Elise Borja

There is no question that girls take much longer than guys to get ready in the morning. Some girls spend as much as two hours picking out clothes to wear, doing their hair and makeup, all in hopes of looking presentable and stylish. We are always interested in finding out what guys really think about our style choices, so I have chosen two guys to tell us what they really think of this autumn’s fashion trends.

Trend one: Flannels tied around the waist


“It fits perfect on any autumn-scheduled outfit because of its wide arrangement of colors, but it takes away from a girl’s…beautiful aspects (butt and hips).” -Orion Simmano, freshman, music industry

“Anything tied around your waist makes you look like a tourist or a grandma.” -Shane Studley, middler, economics & communications double major

Trend two: Leather tops


“It’s a great layer for any outfit because the leather adds an edgy and fashionable touch.” –Simmano

“Leather can be sexy if its not too grungy, which seems to be the case for a majority of people wearing it.” -Studley

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