Fashion Co-op Panel 2013: NARS, PR Consulting, Krupp Group, Karmaloop

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson
Photos: Elise Borja

Last meeting on Oct. 8, we teamed up with NUPRSSA to host a fashion co-op panel, featuring four Northeastern students. Each came ready share her experiences at a fashion co-op. They all had interesting insight to the fashion industry. Here’s what they had to say.


Esther Tam | NARS Cosmetics

Esther Tam worked in the Digital and Social Media Department of NARS Cosmetics in New York City, where her responsibilities included creating ad campaigns, maintaining NARS’s Google+ page, and using analytics tools to measure the company’s presence online. The highlight of Tam’s experience was New York Fashion Week — while working at a show, she met Eva Chen and then had a Twitter exchange the next day! During her time at NARS, Esther learned the importance of effective communication in a fast-paced environment — one should always ask questions and never assume anything!

Jackie O’Sullivan | NARS Cosmetics

During the same months as Tam, Jackie O’Sullivan worked in the Public Relations Department of NARS Cosmetics. Her responsibilities included event coordination, advertising, researching the makeup field and working directly with artists. Her daily activities would include completing product send-outs and press releases and finding new ways to promote products. The highlight of O’Sullivan’s experience also occurred during Fashion Week. Just as she was about to take a picture of an interestingly-dressed man, another man ran up and blocked her shot. That man turned out to be Bill Cunningham himself! During her co-op, O’Sullivan the concept of “managing up,” which means one has to push back on his or her bosses to manage his or her expectations and learn how to say no to certain requests.

Chelsea Addy | PR Consulting and Krupp Group

Chelsea Addy worked at PR Consulting and Krupp Group in New York City. Some of her duties at both companies included conducting sample trafficking, creating press releases, managing the accessory room, and acting as the link between the companies and magazines. Addy learned several things during both of her co-ops. Firstly, she stresses the importance of having a good attitude. She also learned the importance of accepting constructive criticism, not taking things personally and prioritizing. Her experiences also led her to the conclusion that despite the stereotypes and bad reputation of the industry, there are actually really nice people in the fashion industry.

Samantha Gale | Karmaloop

Samantha Gale completed her co-op in the Marketing Department at Karmaloop here in Boston, where her responsibilities included prepping clothes, running Karmaloop’s social media sites, and coordinating between retailers and advertisers. She found Karmaloop to be a fast-paced and friendly environment and to be very collaborative and fun. The highlight of her experience was seeing Jeffree Star. After learning from her experience, Gale has a few words of advice to share — be open and honest with your bosses, be realistic and know that you can’t do everything immediately, and be confident.

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