Girls’ Take on Guys’ Trends at Fashion Week 2013

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson

Not too long ago, men’s Spring/Summer 2014 looks were showcased at various fashion weeks across the world. Now, of course, the press covering the shows is mainly concentrated on the women’s fashion. However, I don’t want to focus just on women; I have an opinion on the men’s fashion as well! So, we took to the streets and asked a few students of the fairer sex to weigh in on a few men’s trends for spring.

Head-to-Toe White (Jill Sander, Ports 1961)

“Terrible. It reminds me of White Chicks. Black is classier and traditional.” –Rebecca Kreps, sophomore, music industry

“It could be refreshing in that it’s something new, but it’s too easy to get dirty.” –Stephanie Tan, sophomore, biology

“Well, they can’t wear it after Labor Day! I also don’t like the black socks with the white; if you’re going to have accents, they have to be well placed and not too distracting. I think it’s a little too much; I just don’t find it aesthetically pleasing.” –Colleen Maney, senior, international affairs

Well, I like this look! The head-to-toe white is crisp, clean and easily makes the suit more wearable for the summer. Also, just a side note, all the girls hated the cropped length of the pants (another trend that I approve of; it’s modern, hip and fashion-forward)!

Horizontal Block Stripes (Valentino, Wooyoungmi, Moschino)

“I like the middle look. The color blocking works with those specific colors. You shouldn’t color block a suit because the trend is more a fashion-forward, everyday look rather than dressy. The third look is way too out there.” –Kreps

“I still like the solid look because the horizontal stripes look like a painting. It’s a very colorful look, but when the stripes go crazy, the men look like they’re part of a play set for a particular reason.” –Tan

“I don’t hate it. I think you’re taking a standard pattern, and you can definitely put a more fashionable spin on it. And guys don’t have to worry about the horizontal stripes-slimming factor.” –Maney

Personally, I am a fan of anything that makes the standard suit more interesting. This trend can work for all styles, from conservative to super bold, and it effortlessly adds a bit of character to any ensemble.

Floral Print (Prada, Gucci, Burberry Prorsum)

“Guys should never wear floral print, period. Where I’m from, if guys wore this, they would get beat up.” –Kreps

“No way! I don’t like it! It’s so girly. It’s too distracting.” –Tan

“Oh boy. I can’t help but think that they’re going to the beach or something. I will say, though, that the smaller floral is much better than the larger patterns. I think for men it would have to be a much more subdued floral.” –Maney

Alright, maybe this trend isn’t for everyone, but I love it! I really appreciate when guys aren’t afraid to take risks with fashion and go against the antiquated, standard conventions of men’s style. Designers are using floral prints that have a more masculine edge (as seen in the Prada look above), taking the natural femininity out of the print. Smaller florals, like the Burberry Prorsum, easily fit into any guy’s wardrobe, and the larger florals are for the real fashionistos out there! I really hope I see someone in that Gucci suit…

Well-tailored Tunic Shirts (Spencer Hart, Z Zegna)

“No, no, no. It draws way too much attention to their crotch and it looks very sloppy.” –Kreps

“It reminds me of traditional Indian wear. I think it could be very fashionable. It’s good for people who don’t want to tuck in their shirts, but not look sloppy, at the same time.” –Tan

“This seems much more of an ethnic look, definitely more cultural. It’s interesting, though, because it makes the suit more casual. I can see this working for summer with a lighter fabric or lighter suit.” –Maney

I’m with Kreps on this one; I hate this look! I also think the tunic looks sloppy, and I don’t think it reads well as a part of a suit at all. I do like tunics in traditional ethnic clothing; however, upon first seeing this trend, I didn’t see an ethnic connection, and I’m still not feeling it.

Forties and Fifties (Ermenegildo Zegna, Missoni)

“They should’ve left this look in the forties and fifties! The shirt on the right would be better paired up with prep-length shorts instead of pants. I think I’ll leave the v-neck shirts for ballroom dancers.” -Kreps

“They remind me of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’, like the Beast’s style. I like the bottoms, but I don’t like the tops; the bottoms are more formal, and the tops are too casual.” -Tan

“I like this; a little James Dean action. It’s cool and effortless, but also very well put together.” –Maney

I agree with Colleen on this trend. I really like the effortless cool that these vintage-inspired looks evoke. It’s a simple idea that instantly makes any guy look fashion-forward and, oh, so cool.

In general, I approve of men’s Spring/Summer 2014 trends. They all bring something new and refreshing to men’s fashion and really make men’s style more fun. I can’t wait to see these trends on the street next spring!

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