Meet Chelsea Asermely of Chloe+Isabel

By Kelsey Zimmerer
Photos: Chelsea Asermely

c+i-img1Meet Chloe and Isabel, the inspirational yet fictional girls who have lent their names and style to the fashion jewelry brand promoted locally by Northeastern senior Chelsea Asermely. She describes Chloe as the trendsetting girl who is willing to try bolder trends and her counterpart Isabel as a fan of more classic and dainty accessories that she can wear everyday.

chelsea headshotAsermely, a graphic design major, has gotten to know both styles well as a campus merchandiser for Chloe+Isabel. Over the summer, she teamed up with the company and a personal mentor to start selling the jewelry and has since gained a client base as well as an offer for a promotion.

To backtrack, Asermely got the position with zero background in fashion, but the networking skills and entrepreneurial attitude to get herself and the brand out there. After receiving a startup kit of jewelry, she set up an online shop and began doing what she calls pop up shows — or working with a friend to invite guests over for a jewelry party.  She has also developed a knack for selling the pieces on the go.

“People come over to get ready for Friday night and I lay my stuff out and tell them how great it is and sometimes my friends want to try it on and they love it and have to buy it,” she said. “Or when people compliment your necklace and you say where you got it.”

And its popularity makes sense: the brand has something for everyone, Asermely said. “It’s people looking for on trend but not trendy stuff,” she noted, explaining the kind of woman who wears Chloe+Isabel. “Everything is super original, they make their own casting,” she said. “They don’t always follow exact trends, which is good because it’s something different. It gives you more variety.” She also emphasized the quality of the line — hypoallergenic, nickel free and made in the U.S.

c+i in the pressWhile it is clear Asermely believes in what she wears and what she sells, she also champions the business model that CEO and founder of Chloe+Isabel, Chantel Waterbury, has developed. The company got its start when Waterbury grew frustrated in college with the lack of companies out there to give girls hands on professional experience, Asermely said.

“They’re really into empowering young women,” explained Asermely. “Their jewelry is their medium of what they sell, but I think it’s more important to them what their merchandisers are gaining from it.”

And she sees its benefits already: “I was never a shy person, I was already confident, but now I feel confident in a business sense which is really nice. I have to talk about a product a lot and explain the company a lot to people, so it’s made me more comfortable doing that.”

But of course, the jewelry has its perks too: “When you put it on in the morning you feel more put together and special.”

Giving the jewelry another perk, Chloe + Isabel is featuring a collection of pink jewelry for the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All proceeds will be donated to a breast cancer foundation in honor of breast cancer awareness month — nothing better than shopping for a cause.

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