Alex Vinash Fashion Show

By Kaitlyn Labich
Photos: Kylie Song


For my first ever Boston fashion week event, European Designer Alex Vinash did not disappoint.  The event was held at the Avanti Salon on Newbury Street on top of a four-floor stair climb.  Upon entering the salon, guests were checked in and asked to put on sample lipstick and kiss a giant canvas, which would later be presented to Mayor Menino to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness.   It was an added bonus to the show and really made the event feel like it had a greater purpose.

Through the curtains, we could see the models and their stylists running around in preparation.  The dressing room space was quickly transformed into a makeshift runway lined with the salon seats for the guests to sit in.  We mingled for a while, talking to other attendees who were very pleased with the Skyy Vodka bar in the back, due to Skyy sponsoring the event.  The lights were soon dimmed and soothing music began to play, which was our cue to take our seats.

The designer, Alex Vinash, was introduced and the show commenced.  The models that were cascading out gracefully from behind the curtains all had one thing in common other than their body types: their hairstyles.  Since the fashion show partnered with the Avanti Salon, I pictured far more intricate styles.  Instead, they all had their hair gelled straight back and flattened on their heads.  This simple style seemed to be understated so that the clothing stood out and took center stage.

The styles were dramatic and beautiful, using muted tones that still managed to pop and stand out.  Each look had something extra that made it truly spectacular.  One dress was beige and simple, with a huge flower in the upper corner that drew the viewers attention to the angles and colors it showed.  Another dress was floor length and made completely of black lace, but had a very delicate shape to it. I just could not draw my eyes away from the look.

The models were very graceful in their performance, which matched the music and atmosphere as well as the show as a whole.  It was amazing to be able to see Alex Vinash’s new collection at the Boston fashion week this fall; I certainly hope I get the amazing opportunity to do it again next year!

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