The Emerging Trends 6th Annual Fashion Show

By Katie Emerson
Photos: Katie Emerson

emergingtrends_01On Oct. 4 and 5, The SYNERGY Events held The Emerging Trends 6th Annual Fashion Show at The Boston Center for the Arts (Cyclorama). I was ready for the night, all dressed up in my favorite red dress for the showing on the 5th. Even though I showed up to the event twenty minutes early, there was already a long line waiting outside the doors to the Cyclorama venue. It was definitely a good sign for a night of fun and fashion!


When we entered the building, we were led directly to our reserved seats and encouraged to check out the different vendors around the room. Representatives from many different stores were showing their designs and products, and some were even giving out free samples. It was a great precursor to the main event.

As a photographer, I had the incredible opportunity to take pictures alongside the professionals! We were stationed at the end of the runway where the models pose, making it a prime perspective to see the designs.

The many looks that walked the runway ranged from fantastical gowns to street-ready outfits. The show started with German designer, Nina Athanasiou. Her line of eveningwear was made from luxurious fabrics and the models looked like they came straight from a modern, science fiction film.

My personal favorite look of the night was a white and silver gown by Fleur Kelinza. Consisting of a sparkling bodice paired with the dramatic feathering at the bottom, the outfit looked beautiful on the runway.

On the other hand, Brzozowska Fashion’s collection was aimed more towards street style. The styling was impeccable from head to toe. The models could have walked right off the runway to an after-party, looking fierce and fabulous. There was an octopus theme, as well, with tentacles appearing here and there, along with an array of colors, such as pink, teal and black. Who knew those colors could look so good together? I even found myself ogling over the high-heeled, laced booties. Brzozowska definitely had the audience in mind when putting this collection together.

Overall, the night was fun, exciting and full of truly impeccable fashion! New York, London and Paris better watch out because Boston is a force to be reckoned with.


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