Girls’ Take on Guys’ Paris Fashion Week 2013

By Alexandra Sadler

Girls definitely notice when boys don’t put any effort into getting ready in the morning and just throw on what smells clean or is the first thing they see in their closet. Besides physical features and personality, clothing and sense of style is a deciding factor in whether a girl finds a boy attractive or not. So, what looks should they go for to make a statement and impress the girls?

Over the past few days, I got the opinion of three different girls on three looks from Paris Fashion Week 2013. It was found that girls would rather see boys wearing something that is well put together, but not over thought. So, look out boys! Girls see the clothing before they see who’s wearing it.


“I really like this. It’s kind of bohemian looking and strays away from the typical suit. I don’t like the polka dots though.” –Blake Divitto, sophomore, communications major

“I really like the pop of color with the blue blazer. I wish he was wearing socks though.” –Hannah Cumler, sophomore, communications major

“I like the dark pants, but not the shoes.” –Remy Greenhut, sophomore, marketing major

ImageSaint Laurent

“Oh my god. No. That’s all I can say. No.” –Divitto

“All black is hot, but I don’t know about the pointed shoes.” –Cumler

“This is a little too severe for me. It looks sort of feminine and is just too harsh.” -Greenhut


“I love that! I really like the fitted suit look.” –Divitto

“Perfection. I love, love, love when guys wear skinny ties.” –Cumler

“This is classic chic and I absolutely love it.” –Greenhut

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