Boston Fashion Week: Fashion Bazaar

By Juliana McLeod
Photos: Juliana McLeod

IMG_1680This past Saturday, Oct. 5, the jewelry scene in fashion hit Newbury Street! Jewelry designers from around Boston brought their collections to a third-floor loft and waited until the doors were opened for anyone on Newbury to stop by the makeshift shopping center.

Designers, such as Sarah Nehama, Wendy Jo and Priscilla Martinez, were at the event, all willing to talk about their experiences of getting into jewelry making as well as letting anyone try on the jewelry for fun. The designers were animatedly talking amongst each other, asking which stones a designer used for a certain necklace or how long it took to twist the cord for another bracelet.

Almost all of the designers handcrafted the jewelry, having to network with foreign companies for usable precious metals and stones. Due to the labor each individual designer completed to produce the jewelry, the pieces started at $30 and climbed up to $200.

IMG_1679One such designer is Laurie Berezin, a student-turned-founder of her own company, Beryllina. Berezin said she developed a professional interest in jewelry making when she attended North Bennet Street School, where accepted students take part in an intense two-year, jewelry-making program.

“I was sitting at a work bench for two years,” said Berezin, adding that the program wants students to understand every aspect of jewelry making from the business side to actually producing the jewelry themselves.

This has certainly seemed to help Berezin, All of the jewelry from Beryllina is made by Berezin herself in Boston and mined in the United States. The silver, gold and platinum used for her designs are all recycled, as well.

If you would like to check out more of Berezin’s collection, visit

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