Guys’ Take on Girls’ Fashion Week Looks

By Saiyara Mahmud

Most girls take hours to figure out what to wear, what makeup to use, and how they want to represent themselves, but boys have anything but clothes on their mind. They would rather spend that time finishing their game of Call of Duty before going out with friends or looking for their wallet and car keys. Question is, what do they think about how girls dress? What do they think about all the money that these girls spend on designer labels and color coordination?

We picked out three outfits hot off the runway from Boston Fashion Week 2013 and asked three guys about what they think of these luxurious runway outfits – turns out not everybody wants something flashy or spontaneous. They would rather prefer simplicity paired with poise.

IMG_4236Emily Muller Spring 2013 at Boston Fashion Week 2012

 “I like the colors, but the shapes are boring.” – Daniel Meyers, sophomore, undeclared

“Simple is better, and this dress incorporates a couple cool colors in a pleasing, balanced way.” – Alex Ortel, sophomore, undeclared

“Beautiful, but I don’t like the yellow underneath her shirt.”- Will Beaman, sophomore, political science

fnkasia-2013-tops-and-dresses-for-girls-at-boston-fashion-weekFNK Asia Boston Fashion Week 2013

“Simple and eloquent.” – Meyers

“The center design is neat, however, I’m not a fan of the red and blue combo. It seems like too much clash.” – Ortel

“A little bit too exaggerated.” – Beaman

BFA-2013_EAS_pic-04Manny Sorto Boston Fashion Week 2013

“Attractive, but too flashy.” – Meyers

“This one’s cooler. I prefer a single color scheme and the back part of the dress gives the eye something to watch.” – Ortel

“Still not my style, but I like it.” – Beaman

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