Speaker Series Recap: Designer Avni Trivedi of Avni

IMG_0451By Kate Duggan
Photos: Sora Hwang

Designer and entrepreneur Avni Trivedi joined the Fashion & Retail Society at Northeastern on Oct. 1 to speak about her experiences in the industry.

Born and raised in India, Trivedi founded her company, Avni, in January 2011. Having worked in the roles of finance and supply chain here in the United States, she decided to venture into the fashion industry based on her business background.

The concept of the company is simple – to design collections from Indian-sourced, organic and natural fabrics. Trivedi designs her clothes in Boston and is in partnership with her mother who runs a factory in India where the clothes are produced. With these familial ties, it’s natural Trivedi’s company places a strong emphasis on family.

Trivedi describes her company as artistic, expressive and eco-friendly. All her clothes are hand woven and naturally dyed using organics and herbs. They express femininity while remaining ethical.

Trivedi sells her clothes through wholesale channels with the help of sales reps on the IMG_0438east and west coasts. Her products can currently be found in small boutiques with more personal relationships with customers.

At this time, Trivedi says she is not ready for expansion. Financially, she is not in a position to expand and the factory in India could not deal with larger volume productions. However, one area that Trivedi would personally be interested in exploring would be infant wear. With a newborn daughter, she has started to sketch out a few designs, but still has a ways to go.

Currently, there are two full-time employees at Avni in Boston and approximately twenty others working in the factory. Trivedi makes the trip to India around every six months and mentioned that while it is great to have the familial connection, it can also be challenging in the business world. Still, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Trivedi described her customer as an elegant, well-traveled lady who enjoys learning the story behind her clothes.  As a determined and passionate designer, Trivedi has high hopes for the future.

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