Boston Fashion Week: Candice Wu Couture at the W

By Alexandra Sadler
Photos: Blake Divitto

IMG_0384Promptly at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 30, models entered through the glass doors of the W Hotel wearing Candice Wu’s latest collection. As blue lights and sheer, silver curtains surrounded the crowd, everyone watched in awe, admiring the bold, yet elegant fashion sense of Wu.

As the models weaved through the tables and sofas that were strategically placed around the venue, photographers followed their every move. Each model stood on black boxes to showcase her dress and to allow everyone to get a closer look.

IMG_0430Wu included gold statements such as flowers and headpieces to her dark collection. The highlight of the show was a gold facemask worn by one of the models, paired with a black, floor length dress with cutouts around her torso. Another model wore a black cage starting from her hips and moving up past her shoulders. This was paired with a sheer, black and gold floor length dress topped off with a gold necklace and black heels.

Each statement piece grasped the attention of the crowd and really drew everyone’s eyes to each outfit. Some dresses draped to the floor while other dresses stayed above the models’ knees. Each piece of jewelry complemented the colors and fabric of the dresses perfectly and truly brought out the craft that went into making them.

All of the models donned a slicked back ponytail, exposing the backs of their dresses that proved to be just as unique and tasteful. The majority of the dresses had an open back concept, whether it was with lace or no fabric at all. One dress with a lace back had gold jewels woven into the fabric to give the dress an extra sparkle.

These dresses are definitely pieces that can be easily worn to classy and elegant functions. Each piece exhibits sophistication while daring to be sexy. Wu did an amazing job putting all of these outfit choices together and coming through with yet another incredible collection.


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