Boston Fashion Week: The Launch Lens

By Sarah Darrow
Photos: Sarah Darrow

DSC_0012The Launch Lens party at the W Boston on Sept. 28 featured four local fashion designers, Tatiana Tejedor, Sasha Thomas, Carlos Villamil and Sammi Yang. These four, handpicked by Fashion Group International, were chosen for the showcase specifically based on their skills and potential for the future.

Each designer was paired with well-known Boston photographers who shot their designs in unique locations around Massachusetts prior to the event on Saturday evening.

Throughout the Launch Lens event, models strolled about, mingling with attendees, wearing intricate and innovative designs while photographers constantly snapped photos of the one-of-a-kind garments.

Partygoers sipped on wine as they viewed the pieces on the models. The designs were innovative and different, ranging from a dress made of felt to a suit covered with a splatter paint design.

The designers were also meandering about, talking to anyone who came up to them about their vision and collections.

Later, there was a pop-up panel where Jay Calderin, the founder of Boston Fashion Week, conducted brief interviews with each designer and photographer. This gave everyone more insight into the designers’ aesthetic and inspiration.


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