Save Stylishly: Turning a Summer Staple into a Fall Necessity

By Roseline Mbam
Photos: Laura Miller,,,

Shorts are a girl’s best friend during the summer, so who says we have to give them up when fall starts? Shorts are very versatile, which makes it possible to wear even when the temperature starts to drop. Here are four ways to take this summer staple and incorporate it into your fall wardrobe.

Save StylishlyThe first way is to wear a pair of shorts with tights. You can do as shown – bright shorts with black or patterned tights – or the opposite with black shorts and bright tights. Either way, this is a fun and easy way to transition your shorts into fall.

Save Stylishly 2In this picture, Rihanna shows us another way to rock shorts in colder weather. She wears her ripped shorts with tights, a tank top, a hoodie and military-inspired booties. Her look is casual and edgy at the same time. If you have any old ripped shorts, this is the perfect way to bring them back to life.

Save Stylishly 3Before it get’s too cold, you can pair your shorts with a nice blazer. Solange wears a pair of black shorts with a bright yellow blazer and heels. The yellow blazer brings a pop of color to the outfit. Who says you can’t wear bright colors and shorts in the fall?

Save Stylishly 5Megan Good pairs her shorts with thigh high boots and a leather jacket. Even though you’re wearing shorts, the thigh high boots will keep you warm. As an extra tip, remember a red lip complements this edgy look perfectly!

These are just four of the ways to transition your shorts into fall. Fall is the season to mix and match staples from the summer and winter. Hopefully, these outfits have inspired you to rethink your fall wardrobe. Remember when choosing what to wear in any season, the key is to be adventurous and fearless!

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