Speaker Series Recap: Milicent Armstrong of Artemis Design Co.

By Kate Duggan
Photos: Elise Borja

Having grown up working in her mom’s jewelry and accessories store, Milicent Armstrong developed a love for accessories—enough to create her own business out of it.

This past January, Milicent embarked on an entrepreneurial path of her own, which, for her, meant developing her own company, Artemis Design Co.

Artemis Design Co. is an accessories company, run solely by Milicent who regularly travels to Turkey sourcing materials. This enables her to design and create one-of-a-kind products.

After spending one week in Turkey while on Semester at Sea pursuing her Art History degree, Milicent was inspired by her travels and fell in love with textiles and classic designs. From there, she decided to create her own career based on her experiences and thus, Artemis Design Co. was born.

This past Tuesday, October 17, Milicent visited Northeastern to speak to Haute Fashion on her experiences and what being a fashion entrepreneur entails.

DSC_0615Throughout her presentation, Milicent spoke about everything from her favorite part of her job—traveling—to her own recommendations for those looking to follow a similar path.

One of the designer’s first remarks was to make every experience count. Perhaps you end up in a co-op that is not for you or is not in the field you are interested in, but Milicent suggests making the most of it while you are there. Second, make connections and learn from your mistakes.

Milicent stresses the importance of nurturing relationships and keeping in contact with old friends in the industry.  A good friend at Steven Alan noticed her unusual shoes and handbags when he reached out to her about the their store opening in Boston.  One thing led to another, and Steven Alan was carrying Artemis Design Co.  Soon Artemis Design Co. will be in seven of their locations.

Milicent discussed how Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, which, she felt, described the founding and aspirations for her company. Having already traveled to Turkey twice this year, Milicent often “hunts” through carpet material and so, her company was named.

Peru and Morocco are two countries that also interest Milicent for their great textiles and unique prints. As Artemis expands, she looks forward to exploring options in those countries as well.

DSC_0654Milicent currently works from her two-floor studio apartment in Boston’s South End and encourages everyone to check out her designs in Steven Alan on Newbury Street and Flock in the South End of Boston.

During a Q&A following her presentation, Milicent answered several questions that shed light on many aspects of doing business abroad. She mentioned the language barrier she deals with in Turkey, a lack of present funds to open her own store, her future plan to secure new clients, the aim to search for larger stores, and finally ways to continue making her venture financially beneficial.

Milicent presented a very interesting proposition for all you fashion followers out there—she is seeking two interns! As it is just Milicent at the moment, the interns would work directly with her. They will have the opportunity to oversee the design process and observe Milicent as she works. Interns must be skilled at Photoshop and photography because picture taking will be a large portion of the internship. Milicent emphasized a willingness to work hard while learning and superb organizational skills are just as important.

If you think you have what it takes to work with Milicent on her exciting new venture, email your resume to artemisdesigncompay@gmail.com.

Check out Milicent’s website or visit Steven Alan on Newbury Street to see her products in person. Artemis is also available at Flock in the South End of Boston.


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