Best Dressed at the Cannes Film Festival Days 1-5

By Juliana McLeod

With a scandal to start off the Cannes Film Festival, this year’s fashion event has certainly been an attention-grabbing one. However, the mystery of who stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry would not stop celebrities from showing off their fashions–including their jewelry.

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The first day of the festival set the bar high with Carey Mulligan’s Christian Dior gown. This was not only one of the best outfits of the day, but of the entire festival so far. The pale pink dress was simple, yet elegant with its drooping v-neck and rouge lipstick accompaniment. The look perfectly fit the Christian Dior classic look and even gave the audience a glimpse of her The Great Gatsby character through wearing such a modest color. Along with Mulligan’s adorable smile and natural hairdo, the outfit set the tone for the festival.

For Day 2, Octavia Spencer surprised the audience with a look on the other side of the spectrum. Her vibrant red gown presented more appeal than the red carpet itself. With slight embroidery at the top and sides of the dress, the gown highlighted her curves beautifully. Gathered to the left side of her ribcage, the fabric bared her equally red shoes that were simple enough to not take away from the beautiful dress. We were especially glad to see that Spencer did not overdo the make-up as to take away from the vibrancy of the gown.

On the third day, one of our favorite looks did not consist of the typical adornment. Berenice Bejo donned an Alexis Mabille outfit complete with a navy blue blazer over her white-tooled dress. The blazer looked like a design from the turn of the 20th century, but paired with the simple gown created an eccentric and classy look. Simple white earrings added to the outfit perfectly so that they did not take away from the gorgeous color of the blazer. Not many people can pair casual and formal to create a formal look, but Bejo did an excellent job of it.

On Day 4, Rooney Mara followed the theme of black-and-white that has been developing over the first few days of the film festival. The white-topped, black-bottomed dress from straight off the runway was stunning on Mara. The outfit flattered Mara’s slim body and gave her an outstanding fullness. Just as Mulligan did only a couple days before, Mara kept the Christian Dior look minimalist with her simple, black-strapped heels and pulled-back hair.

Lastly, Kirsten Dunst won over our hearts on the fifth day of the event with a gown that was an overall beautiful piece. The Michael van der Ham gown was presented on the runway as completely sheer, yet by adding a plain black, strapless dress underneath the sheer fabric Dunst gave the dress a revised, classic look. Along with white, floral embroidery covering the gown, Dunst looked sophisticated and chic on the red carpet.

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