Punk Theme Provides Fashion Challenge at the Met Ball

By Juliana McLeod
Photos: Huntington Post

Just a couple weeks ago, fashion lovers came together to celebrate the 2013 Met Ball where the theme became the ultimate challenge: “Punk: Chaos to Couture.” It is agreeable that giving fashion icons an option to dress chaotically asks for a haphazard situation to occur on the red carpet. However, fashion challenges also allow audiences to determine which celebrities manage to pull off the brilliance of method to madness with their clothing.

Yet after observing stars coming in on the red carpet, it seemed that top-notch celebrities reacted to the “punk” dare differently than expected. Beyonce, who was named honorary chair of the Met Ball this past April, was anticipated to rock the theme considering her role in the gala. Yet many fans were disappointed with the yellow-orange paisley that covered her otherwise black dress. She certainly did take the theme seriously, but was she still fashion friendly with her outfit choice?


Then there is Sarah Jessica Parker, who donned a mohawk-styled headpiece along with her already eccentric dress and thigh-high boots. On many celebrities, this outfit would have been more than ridiculous. But because it was on SJP, the adornment was not only untouched by critics but also praised for its stretch into the fashion industry. SJP managed to wow viewers with her punk style but also break the barriers of the fashion norm by her mix-and-matching as well as her rooster-style head decoration.


There were also some celebrities who received the invite that they should not dress as if this were a normal red carpet event, but did not seem to get the request that it be punk-related. Gwyneth Paltrow surprised fans, and not in the way fans expected to be surprised, when she came onto the red carpet donning a bright pink gown that required those close by to shield their eyes. It certainly turned gazes and shocked some people, though it did not follow the theme whatsoever. Was it punk of Paltrow to ignore the theme of the gala altogether by creating her own theme of pink? Or should she have followed the one rule of a ball known to have no rules?


However, despite all of these questionable acts of fashion, it was nice to see these celebrities change it up and be willing to receive some criticism in order to bring chaos to the fashion world this spring. Emma Watson, who has a history of impressing fashion critics with her classy and dazzling gown choices, did not create an allure with her unsurprising black gown. Perhaps the British gal should have realized that even if an unconventional gown of her choice were hideous, it still would have been perfect for the bizarre Met Gala.


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