Best-Dressed at Coachella

By Stephanie Baladi

Coachella is that time of the year when everyone breaks the rules of everyday fashion trends and wears what they want to. It’s a time for boho chic and hippie inspired pieces to be paired with ultra-trendy looks. The challenge of dressing for Coachella is finding an outfit that is both well put together and won’t have you burning up in the desert heat.

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Alexa Chung

Chung is well known for her personal style, which never fails to land her on best-dressed lists time and time again. For Coachella, Chung kept her outfits put together, lightweight, and on trend all weekend long. For the festival she paired high-waisted shorts with a lace crop top and leopard print coat, and for the Lacoste L!VE party she slipped on a black, lace-collared dress with a pair of pink sunglasses for a pop of color. Her outfits, while simple in execution, show deep understanding for current trends.

Rita Ora

This British singer is known for more than her beautiful voice and best-selling tracks. Her style is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. Usually her looks are over the top and bold, catching everyone’s attention. At the Lacoste L!VE party she paired bright colors, gold accessories, and black sneakers, drawing the eye to neon pieces and giving the look and almost effortless feel.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The Victoria’s Secret Angel looked cool, comfortable, and stylish in her lace short and airy blouse. She kept her accessories very “boho-chic” with plenty of suede, studs, and fringe.

Solange Knowles

Knowles stuck to bright, preppy prints over the weekend. Her lemon printed shift dress and matching heels were perfectly fitting for the summer weather. Her put-together look stood out against the many loose-fitting and hippy-esque pieces that tend to show up at Coachella.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

No Coachella list would be complete without mention of the Spring Breakers star. Hudgens is known for her festival outfits in which she shows no restraint. She manages to pair designer and casual pieces effortlessly to create outfits that seem both put together, but strategically deconstructed. By pairing her Chan Luu top with her tie-dye double slit skirt, Hudgens manages to mix prints, patterns, and materials while still tying the pieces of her outfit together.

Leave a comment below with your Coachella favorites!

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