Spring Trend: Stripes

By Robyn Estwick
Photos: Elle.com

Stripes may be on of the most popular patterns that we have around and have appeared on every type of clothing. They are never in style or out of style, but they are always there! We most often turn to stripes when we need to create some kind of illusion, making ourselves taller, thinner, or sometimes wider.

Spring ’13 may be the season for stripes. Whether the stripes be vertical, horizontal or even diagonal, designers are sending stripes down runways like they never have before. Vivienne Westwood Red Label for Spring ’13 featured an array of stripes in many colors and angles. From light airy dresses that could be to collared shirts suited for the office, Westwood’s collection showed how stripes can be chic.

Why have stripes finally become a statement pattern? Possibly because we have stopped being afraid of that they would make us look wider or too tall,  or maybe because the fashion world has picked two extremes: simple or extremely flamboyant pieces paired creatively together. Even if your style fits one extreme better than the other, stripes can be tailored to fit your unique taste.




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