Fashion Picks in Television

By Katie Emerson
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Hello, TV watchers and fashion lovers! There have been some awesome fashion moments in television recently from Parks and Rec to Project Runway, and I’ve been taking notes. Spoiler alert: I will bring up a lot of recent events from currently running shows, so be careful if you’re not up to date!


Okay, I can’t keep this inside any longer – I have to tell you about Leslie Knope’s wedding dress from episode 14, season 5 of Parks and Recreation. I can only hope that my wedding dress is as meaningful and awesome as this one. The skirt is made out of newspaper clippings of Leslie’s successes and her favorite role models – and it looks adorable! Put that together with the gorgeous lace top, Leslie’s beautiful side-swept hair, and the splashes of red in her lipstick, bow, and shoes – this look is downright gorgeous. Kirston Mann gets ten million thumbs up (she designed it)!


Speaking of red, the evil queen from ABC Family’s Once Upon a Time knows how to rock a red jacket. This riding outfit from season 1, episode 16 “Heart of Darkness” is impeccable. The top fits her perfectly and drapes down beautifully over her black horse. And with that gigantic red hat, she could rule the world.


Bringing it back to reality, season 11 of Project Runway has been a roller coaster. One week the judges are excited, the next they are completely disappointed. But what was up with them giving Michelle a death threat when in episode 10 she produced my favorite look of the entire season? What inspired me about the painted floor-length vest and layered bubble wrap was the thought that Michelle put into her design. I’ve seen most designers make their looks based off of what looks interesting, but Michelle didn’t stop there. She went deeper into it and drew the face of a crazy lady for her fabric and she hand-painted a really great design into the trail of her vest. I find that her final look really speaks of obsession and trying to be heard when nobody wants to listen. I’m disappointed that she wasn’t chosen to win that challenge.


Another powerful woman I’ve been keeping my eye on is Margaery Tyrell of the HBO series, Game of Thrones. She’s a lady with a purpose, and some great fashion sense. It’s hard not to notice how beautiful she is when she walks into the room. Her dresses are always vibrant and flowing, with intricately sewn details. She exudes luxury, and I must say, I certainly wish I could pull that off.


A quick honorable mention to Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time – he wears the detailed red vest and black leather jacket so well.

So now it’s your turn – what are your favorite looks in television?

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