Spring Style: Spring Accessories

By Alexina Prather
Photos: Etsy, Tumblr, Storenvy

original-2Spring has finally arrived and with the change of the seasons there must be a change in fashion as well. It is time to spruce things up to get a new and fresh look. Due to the fact that this year’s winter has lasted much longer than anticipated, people all over the northeast are ready to bring out the shorts and tank tops. As the temperatures begin to rise, the layers and layers of clothing can finally be packed away until next winter. It is time to get rid of the hats, gloves, and scarfs, and replace them with some stylish spring accessories. Since staying warm is a priority for accessories during the winter the options are limited. Now that spring is here there are no more restrictions and the amount of accessory options are endless.

A great rule of thumb when trying to choose a spring accessory is paying close attention to the color. You can pair almost any accessory with a spring outfit as long as it is a bright color that promotes the happiness and joys of the spring weather. Here is a list of five great accessories that go well with any springtime outfit.

1. Headbands that stand out – A headband is always a great way to look nice without taking too much time to do your hair. For a great spring look let your hair have some natural volume and keep it away from you face with a headband that stands out.

2. Hand bracelet – A hand bracelet is a new accessory that will be sure to catch people’s attention. Everyone is used to your basic jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. The hand bracelet isn’t seen often and is a great way to switch it up for the springtime.


3. Large brightly colored watches – A watch is always a great accessory to wear because it is important to be on time. If you’re going to wear a watch why not wear one that is fun and will help add to making an outfit more stylish.


4. Ombre nails – Ombre nails are absolutely stunning. Pair two bright spring colors together and you will fit right in with the spring fashion.


5. Lace decoration on shorts – Lace on jean shorts is a great way to spruce up typical shorts that are worn every year. Many stores are now selling this look but it is also easy to buy some lace and sew it onto an old pair of shorts that need something new.


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