Silence & Noise Designer Profile: BluePosh

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson

BluePosh_thumbCheck out our interview with BluePosh, one of our accessories designers from last night’s Silence & Noise fashion show!

Haute Fashion: Tell me about your company. How did you get started?

BluePosh: got started very recently. We launched the site in December 2012. BluePosh is a fashion accessories online company based in Boston, specializing in fashion jewelry, scarves, and synthetic/mink lashes. BluePosh was founded by Xuan Ho and Van Wong with the belief that fashion accessories should be accessible and affordable. On, you will find a large variety of fashion necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. We update our stock regularly with new items so our customers are always on trend. We also offer real mink lashes for that natural look as well as synthetic lashes that are great for short term wear.

HF: Who is your customer?

BluePosh: Our customers are women all over the world who are looking for affordable fashion jewelry. Our styles range from trendy going out pieces, evening pieces, to daytime pieces. There is something for everyone.

HF: Who designs the jewelry and accessories that you sell?

BluePosh: We work with many manufacturers and designers across the globe to ensure that our products are not compromised on quality.

HF: How do you decide what to sell?

BluePosh: We started BluePosh because we noticed that fashion jewelry at the mall or on other sites were simply not affordable. When the prices were low, the quality was not up to par. Our hand-picked trendy pieces are offered at very affordable prices.

HF: Why did you decide to participate in Haute Fashion’s fashion show this year?

BluePosh: Van Wong is a staff member at Northeastern. When she heard about Haute Fashion and the fashion show, she knew she wanted to contribute her items to the show. It sounded like a great opportunity to showcase BluePosh’s jewelry in addition to contributing to the Northeastern community.

HF: Do you have a favorite item that you sell on your site?

BluePosh: Our favorite items are our bracelets stacks. You see bracelet stacks everywhere these days. Our stacks are unique and styled together by Van herself. You will not find these bracelet stacks sold anywhere else.

HF: How do you see your company growing in the future?

BluePosh: We hope to grow the BluePosh brand by featuring more fashion accessory items.


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