Fashion Links of the Week

By Stephanie Baladi

From getting interview ready to understanding BB creams, we’ve got you covered with our favorite links of the week! Check them out below!

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 5.54.21 PM

1. Style icon Lauren Conrad has teamed up with her hair stylist Kristin Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine to bring you easy to follow tutorials for everyday looks. In this video Lauren demonstrates how to execute the perfect fishtail braid, giving you plain and simple instructions. [The Fishtail Braid]

2. With the school year coming to a close it’s time to start the hunt for a summer job or internship. Of course your cover letter, resume, and question answering abilities are key when applying, but never underestimate the importance of your appearance.  Check out Refinery29’s slideshow to help you look interview ready and snag that position you were meant for. [Fashion Math: Interview-Outfit Edition]

3. Showering – we all do it, but are we doing it right? As nice as a steamy, hot soak in the tub might sound after a long day it’s doing no favors for your skin by stripping it of the essential oils it needs. Check out these tips and “re-learn how to take a shower”. [How to Take A Shower: Yes You’re Probably Doing It Wrong]

4. Knowing your face shape is crucial when experimenting with a new hairstyle or makeup trend. Follow this guide to determine whether your face is oval, square, round, heart-shape, oblong, or diamond then check out the guides to see what styles would work best for you! [What’s Your Face Shape?]

5. BB, CC, and DD creams are all the rage right now, but if your anything like me you haven’t a clue what these things actually do. Get the lowdown on these products and what they’re actually doing for your skin before spending your money on these mystery items. [What’s In A Cream?]

6. With finals looming in the air and classes in their last weeks, students are starting to feel the pressure. There’s no longer time to spend leisurely getting ready in the morning when you’ve been up all night cramming in the library.  This quick guide from SheKnows gives you the steps to a 5-minute morning routine that will keep you looking fresh-faced all day. [Simplify Your Makeup Routine]

7. Is your mascara leaving your eyelashes in clumps and your wallet empty? Well fret not – you may just be applying it incorrectly. To get the most out of your mascara check out this guide from TheBeautyDepartment on how to get thick, long, clump-free lashes with every application. [How To Get The Most From Mascara]

8. This must read article from Harper’s Bazaar explains how to plan youe “perfect wardrobe”. Explaining what key pieces you should always have in your closet and what colors to stick to will help everyone keep their closets organized and full of classic, ready-to-wear pieces. [How To Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe]

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