StyleWeek Northeast Designer Profile: KLAW By Marcel Plante

Written and Photographed by: Daisy Kendrick and Henry Peers

Marcel Plante, an up-and-coming designer, successfully debuted his second collection through the help of StyleWeek Northeast. A 2011 graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Plante created KLAW, which is for the strong woman who knows how to hold herself. Plante credits his influences as the baroque movement combined with a hint of dominatrix styling that can be found among his audacious clothing. His clothing was impeccably tailored and his dresses and would help any woman stand out from the crowd. His other items were well-constructed and at times daring–his red silk bustier not being for the faint-hearted!

A color palate of luscious reds, deep golds, and chic blacks helped make the collection feel very luxurious whilst maintaining Plante’s avant-garde attitude. Staying true to the luxurious theme, there was heavy use of silk thought the collection, finding its way onto almost every outfit. Plante’s styling was certainly one of the ways through which he achieved separation from his peers. As the models strutted down the runway, the first thing that struck everyone was the bondage-esque patent black and matte red leather straps which covered the lower half of their mouths, all tied together with heavy black rope which draped around their necks. Talon-like nails, extravagant eye makeup, and tightly coiffed hair helped convey this sexy and powerful point of view.

We are intrigued to see what Marcel Plante will bring us next, but we can rely on one thing: not to be disappointed.

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