StyleWeek Northeast: Saturday Review

By Juliana McLeod
Photos: Siobhan Duncan

Our Writer, Juliana, and our Photographer, Siobhan, enjoying StyleWeek Northeast!
Our Writer, Juliana, and our Photographer, Siobhan, enjoying StyleWeek Northeast!

Saturday night, StyleWeek Northeast held three spectacular runway shows at the W Boston, showcasing the designs of Luke Aaron, World of JAS and Jonathan Joseph Peters. In between each show, other designers showed off their designs and gave attendees the option to buy couture items at a cheap price. But the runway shows themselves were everyone’s favorite part!

The first runway show of the night showed Luke Aaron’s designs, which surprised the audience most with the lack of the vibrant, spring colors and the continuance of winter colors. A majority of the designs consisted of black, gold, maroon and navy, colors we would normally see during the holiday season. However it was quite refreshing to see a change in what is expected for the springtime evening ware, with the simple yet elegant gowns the models wore.

Next up was the World of JAS runway show, which contrasted greatly from Aaron’s outfits. Each JAS model donned a patterned bow in their curly hair and wore outfits that flashbacked to 80’s styles. Sky blue, neon pink and a deep violet were popular in the JAS designs, as well as the overall concept of clothes that were not form fitting. A majority of the models wore over-sized sweaters along with floral-patterned spandex. In a way, the designs managed to have the essence of spring, with the vivid colors, but also contained a winter style in them, with the baggy sweaters.

Last, but not least, Jonathan Joseph Peter’s collection was shown with models whose hair was pulled back in a hairnet with faux, auburn bangs popping out. The models’ eyebrows were whited out, freckles were painted onto their faces and bangles were worn with every outfit. Many of the designs had either a woman’s face on them or were covered in plaid, both surprising the audience when it came to springtime looks. Similarly to Luke Aaron, Peters used a fair amount of black and navy. However, these darker colors were often combined with brighter reds and oranges to create a mix of winter and spring style. Sounds perfect for the Boston “springtime,” doesn’t it?

Overall, the three shows were a blast for everyone. Attendees who had gone to other shows that were part of the StyleWeek Northeast agreed that the Saturday night shows were the busiest and had the most spectators, which is understandable! It was amazing to see three designers, all with incredibly different tastes. Luke Aaron gave the audience a look at the spring nightlife with his elegant pieces, while World of JAS shocked everyone with the return to the 80’s. Lastly, Jonathan Joseph Peters managed to combine winter and springtime looks for an odd, but new-to-fashion combination. Hopefully, Boston will continue to make its way up through the fashion world ranks and we will see more of these fabulous designs!

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