StyleWeek Northeast: Thursday Review

Written and Photographed by: Daisy Kendrick and Henry Peers

On Thursday night, StyleWeek Northeast debuted at the W Hotel giving three new and upcoming designers the opportunity to exhibit their work. Unlike at Boston Fashion Week where shows take place in a basic tent, StyleWeek was held in a luxury ballroom and set up with a New York quality catwalk. Prior to the shows, cocktails and chocolates were served along with an opportunity to browse samples from local Boston designers. Neither strictly fall nor summer collections, designers had the opportunity to combine various pieces and show off their best work.

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 9.21.14 PM

Niki Pini premiered his first collection PINI as the opening show for StyleWeek Northeast 2013. He set the standards high as he sent five confident models down the catwalk wearing glamorous evening wear. His designs were classy and elegant bringing a hint of Hollywood to Boston. Pini combined an array of ambitious materials including feathers, diamantes, silk and sequins. The great textures combined with deep V-necks, open backs and loose silhouettes were extremely sexy and perfect for any girl on a night out. The color pallet consisted of pastel pinks, blues, white and black that were simple but allowed the texture of the fabrics to take center stage. The models sported loose curls pulled back off their faces to give a fresh vibrant look accompanied with black smoky eyes to add that nighttime glamour that accentuated each outfit so well.

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 9.26.56 PM

The second runway show, Chances R Designs by designer Toni Lyn Spaziano was a collection for the modern woman who appreciates classic style. The clothes could take a workingwoman from day to night with a multitude of fabrics including silk, tweed, lace and leather helped create versatility. The use of classic black, pastel pinks and turquoise green was very Chanel and Givenchy esque. The collection was very feminine consisting of structured dresses, pencil skirts and a stunning floor length evening gown that closed the show. This was without a doubt the best piece of Toni’s collection, an emerald green satin dress wrapped around the models top half perfectly while a tail of black feathers fell to the floor that was truly stunning. Rock music, leather jackets and intense black eyeliner created a tougher edgier vibe that had the audience hyped up and full of energy. For this collection each model had their hair up in a tight-gelled back bun and the clothing was accessorized with chunky necklaces and lots of bracelets.

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 9.32.19 PM

The third and final show of the night was Yellow Clover by Sarah Elizabeth. The collection had a boho, gypsy and whimsical vibe that created a very feminine, vintage feel. Green, mustard tones and black intertwined with floral prints demonstrated a strong connection with nature. The show began with sexy work wear for any modern woman consisting of pencil skirts and dresses while the second half of the show transitioned into evening wear consisting of more black and sexier clothing and also closing the show with an embellished floor-length dress. Fabrics such as velvet, chiffon and lace brought diversity to the whole collection and it was clear Sarah Elizabeth has an eye for detail, her quality craftsmanship shined through as all the hand made pieces were well tailored and refined. The collection as a whole was classic, elegant and a successful night for the brand Yellow Clover.

StyleWeek Northeast has come to Boston to create opportunities and provide designers with a new venue for exposure. It was definitely a rewarding night for all three designers that participated and it was both fun and fabulous for those fashionistas that attended.

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