StyleWeek Northeast Designer Profile: Nick Pini

Written and Photographed by: Daisy Kendrick and Henry Peers


Nick Pini, an up and coming designer, debuted his collection at the opening show of StyleWeek Northeast 2013. A recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, the local designer has been working long and hard on his own line PINI for the past year, a collection that definitely impressed the press along with excited spectators. Pini has a strong background in illustration, computer arts, and textiles, but most of his passion lies with fashion. Pini chose five confident and audacious models to strut his glamorous eveningwear down the catwalk and convey the message of don’t be afraid to stand out; different is best! Everything immediately portrayed the image of red carpet worthy panache and old school Hollywood glamour. The collection was exceptionally sexy with shimmering mini dresses, structured skirts, leather shorts, open backs and plunging necklines.

The most notable factor of Pini’s work was his ambitious use of luxurious textiles incorporating feathers, diamonds, and silk. It was all in the details; rich embellishments and embroidered sequins that complimented the delicate palette of pink, blue, black and white hues. His ability to create classic silhouettes brought sensuality to the catwalk. The cuts, colors, and patterns reflected youth and recklessness. Each model sported loose curls pulled back off the face for a fresh look that was accompanied by heavy black smoky eyes that complimented the evening glamour well. We were fortunate enough to meet and grab a quick interview with Nick Pini at the end of his show:

url-1HF: What inspired your collection tonight?

Nick: I love celebrities, Hollywood glamor and the whole California culture. Miami or any tropical city and the world around me fuel my creativity. I create a story in my head before I start designing, this helps me visualize whom I am designing for and along the way I get to learn about myself too.

HF: How long have you been working on this collection?

N: For the last six months, I wanted to show what my aesthetics were all about and just everything I am all about with this collection.

HF: Do you have a store?

N: No, I do personal sales. People go online, email or contact me directly for personal and custom fittings and I can create a design specifically for them.

HF: Where did you learn your design skills?

N: I went to Massachusetts College of Art, actually right by here in Boston.

HF: What is the price range for your clothing?

N: My biggest stickler, I am the biggest quality stickler out there! Therefore my prices are generally higher because I love high quality fabrics, real fur and all that stuff. So, my clothes are a bit more expensive but that does add to the whole image.

As Pini continues to work on his designs and gain more publicity, he hopes one day to open his own stores. His first collection was classy, elegant and everything any girl needs to feel famous and fabulous! Pini’s work was the stand out collection from Thursday’s shows, what a great success!

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