Haute Husky – Alessandra B.

By Sarah Darrow

HH31713-3Accessories play an important role in anyone’s outfit. They add personality to your look and can elevate a simple ensemble to something more visually interesting. This Haute Husky is showcasing some unique necklaces that her mother made. She is also sporting a great outfit for some weekend errands or for trekking from class to class during the week. She keeps her look simple with a pair of classic Chuck Taylors, blue jeans, and some layered tops. Her navy jacket is also adorable and practical for the ever-changing Boston weather.

Name: Alessandra Bloom

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Orange, Connecticut

How would you describe your style in three words?

Confident, comfortable, unique.

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

I love dressing extra flowery and colorful in spring to celebrate finally being free of the snow and cold. I can’t wait to get out my simple cotton oxford shirts. I have them in every color. [They are] super comfortable and can be jazzed up with fun jewelry and sunglasses.


What are your favorite stores to shop at in Boston?

I’m a huge discount shopper; I get a thrill from finding a really special piece at a low price, since I’m on such a tight budget! So I love stores like Second Time Around where I can rummage around.

Who or what inspires your everyday style?

I love vintage inspired looks. My grandmother made all of her clothes and I’ve reworked some of them into my wardrobe, making me feel really nostalgic and happy. I try to wear at least one of her pieces of jewelry every day or something my mother made; she’s an artist. It makes the outfit feel so much more special.

What fashion rule do you think can always be broken?

All of them. I don’t follow rules.

Take notes from this Haute Husky and find accessories that accentuate your individuality. Whether this is a love for handmade jewelry or an appreciation for all things covered in glitter, let your personality shine through your accessories!



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