Spring Style: Spring Splurges

By Catherine Civgin
Photos: Tumblr, Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Barneys, Proenza Schouler, Jennifer Behr, Brian Lichtenberg, Bloomingdales, Burberry

It’s raining, it’s pouring, your wardrobe is boring. Spring showers can make for some dreary months here in Boston, but why should our style have to suffer? Every now and then, you need to splurge and reward yourself with something you typically wouldn’t. Here are some must-haves for this spring that you should consider treating yourself to.

Hermes Enamel “H” Bracelets

These enamel bracelets are always a must-have for fashion lovers. The narrow version wears nicely for spring and comes in a wide variety of colors. They’re great when paired with a watch or other bracelets and create an instant arm party!


Jennifer Behr Hair Accessories

Ever wanted to feel like Blair Waldorf? If so, check out Jennifer Behr’s website, the designer who is responsible for some of Blair’s most iconic headbands. These hair accessories will instantly dress up your look! (If you are looking for Blair’s past headbands, look under “classics” and you’ll find them all!)


Brian Lichtenberg Apparel

Brian Litchenberg is at it again. Known for playing with the names of historically famous fashion houses, he has created more pieces this spring, which will have people doing double takes as you walk by! My favorites are the fuchsia Feline sweater and the white Homies tee, which clearly play on Celine and Hermes.


Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves

What’s not to love about these scarves? For seasons, we’ve seen everyone from Nicole Richie to Liv Tyler rock these scarves. With new colors being introduced for spring, now is the perfect time to purchase one or add another to your collection!


Designer Rain Jackets

This is one of those splurges that you can almost get away with justifying to your parents because of Boston’s weather this time of year. Spring is the perfect time to purchase a new raincoat and with this splurge, you’re sure to put it to use! I’m currently coveting Milly’s Anorak jacket.


Proenza Schouler Zip Wallets

These should be on every girl’s wish list this spring! Made of leather and featuring a front slit pocket, these wallets come in great colors! My favorites for spring are deep coral and sunshine. These wallets are a major score for all fashion lovers.


Goyard Saint Louis Tote

Looking for a new bag to carry to classes? Goyard totes are my spring favorite for two reasons. Firstly, the totes are extremely light and easy to carry. Secondly, they come in colors that scream spring. Made in France, these totes are generally hard to find in the states. Lucky for us Bostonians, the Barneys at Copley carries stock year-round. Customization is available but only for the patient – it can take up to months to receive your precious tote!


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