Haute Husky – Lexi B.

By Neela Asaadi


New to New England weather, Lexi likes to wear leisurely clothes when going to classes. On a day when she is in the studio for 5 hours straight in Ryder Hall, she wears an off-white, Aztec pattern hooded sweater made by Billabong from PacSun. Her most comfortable pair of jeans would be her Hollister dark denims that she has worn in to the point of absolute comfort. Lexi makes sure that she puts on something that she will be able to sit in while seated for long hours in the computer lab. She chooses to keep her fancier clothes for non-academic related activities.

Name: Lexi Barretto

Major: Videogame Design

Year: Freshman

Hometown: DC

Inspiration for style?

Normally I go for a comfortable look for class, but when I want to dress up, I am inspired by the Kardashians. They love to accessorize and they choose their outfits wisely. I like to shop at Urban Outfitters because I can mix and match a bunch of their clothes and still look put together. I always manage to find great accessories there too.

Describe your style in 3 words?

Casual, Cute and Printed.

Favorite season?

Fall, because I love wearing sweaters and bundling up in scarves and knits. There is nothing better than being all cozy in a ton of layers.


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