Milan Fashion Week: Fendi

By Alexina Prather

Fendi, the much respected and loved brand, has come far since it began in 1925 as a small leather goods store in Rome. With Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, the luxury goods brand put on an amazing show for their fall/winter collection at Milan Fashion Week 2013. Lagerfeld began his career with Fendi in their fur and leather house in 1972. It was apparent at Milan Fashion Week that leather and fur are still an important part of the brand today. The Fendi’s signature look exudes elegance as well as sophistication for professionals who want to stand out and this collection made that signature look extremely achievable

For this line, Lagerfeld’s designs covered the clothing, handbags, footwear, and sunglasses with details of fur. The models had their hair styled into faux fur mohawks to match the ensembles. Many of the pieces featured random spurts of color, which added to the appeal of the collection; black and white were the dominating tones for most of the looks. The textures of the clothing made the viewer want to reach out and touch it.

With the use of different fabrics and materials, many of the interesting shapes and lines flowed along the bodies of the models. Several outfits looked as though there was a line down the center of the model’s torso separating one side of the outfit from the other, creating a very interesting asymmetrical look. When described it seems as though this line was all over the place, combining many different styles, but when put all together on the runway the pieces meshed beautifully together with their much expected uniqueness.

What are your thoughts on the Fendi collection? Share in the comments below!

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