MFW E-Board Pick: Alberta Ferretti

By Jennifer Sun

There was great variety in Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2013 RTW collection at Milan Fashion Week. I personally enjoyed every look as each one reminded me that style can be both multi-faceted yet cohesive. Everyone is bound to like something as Italian designer Ferretti incorporated an array of colors, types of silhouettes, and fabrics. One would expect such a collection to be disorganized and without direction, but Alberta Ferretti executed all her work with such sculpted construction that it tied everything together. At first, I thought the entire show would feature black and white pieces but then models walked down in pieces that were blue, red, yellow, and purple. To keep the collection unified, the designer minimalized prints and stuck to solid colors, with the exception of a few plaid pieces. Silhouettes in the show included flowy evening gowns, peplum blazers, and fall overcoats. I liked the diversity in fabrics as it’s not common to see a designer use fur, chiffon, velvet, lace, and linen on one runway. The collection as a whole was elegant and well-fitted. Almost all the garments had a black belt to cinch the waist and create a straight-line silhouette. It can’t have been easy to pull together such a wide range of styles, but the overall look was simple and wildly successfully.

What is your favorite piece of this collection? Click here to see the whole collection!

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