LFW E-Board Pick: Antonio Berardi

By Jennifer Sun
Photos: Style.com

I like dresses. And I like designers who make not just great, but extraordinary dresses. And Antonio Berardi does just that. The British designer may not be well known in America, but his designs are universally beautiful, especially his Fall 2013 collection. When I saw his collection, the first things that came to mind were “professional” and “stylish.” Even though many of his dresses were form fitting, they were by no means scandalous, just flattering and feminine. Berardi is known for his body hugging dresses and this collection was no different. Berardi constructs his garments in such a way that it accentuates a woman’s body while still maintaining a polished look. I also thought that the colors Berardi used in his clothes were perfect for the fall. He still incorporated colors rather than sticking to just black and white but they were muted so they weren’t too bright for the season.

Antonio Berardi’s Fall 2013 collection plays with lines and paneling as he was inspired by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The show appropriately fit in with this theme and took place in an empty office building with a sweeping view of London. He also followed the architect’s belief that form follows function. And by doing so, I was not let down by the clothes he put forward.

What is your favorite piece of this collection? Click here to see the whole collection!

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