London Fashion Week: Peter Pilotto

By Alexina Prather

Peter Pilotto’s unique collaborations with his partner Christopher De Vos were quite exquisite during London Fashion Week for Fall 2013. As always, the collections shown in London this past week met all expectations. Pilotto’s work truly stood out among the many talented designers. The Australian born designer met his partner De Vos in the year 2000 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and together they have combined their individual skills to create outstanding pieces of work. The two have a strong love for science and nature, which has led to the use of elaborate prints in their pieces of work. Pilotto and De Vos have strategically split up the tasks of creating ready to wear lines of fashion. Pilotto focuses on the prints and textiles while De Vos focuses on the drape and silhouette of the body.

This collection for Fall 2013 is made up of high necklines, bold patterns, daring colors, and statement shoulders. The duo made bold moves and created risky looks that I believe are stunning and beautiful. Pilotto has not lost sight of his original reputation of “The Print.” The look is captivating with its bold difference, yet still wearable. The style and shape of the outfits provide elegance to the line while the bright colors add a modern take. Due to this stunning line, it is evident that Pilotto and De Vos are two talented designers whose ideas clearly collaborate well.

Click here to see the whole collection!

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