Writers Guild of America Awards Best Dressed

By Juliana McLeod
Photos: zimbio.com

Last Sunday, writers were awarded for their impressive screenplays in movies, television, and radio. Before the event, attendees of the awards showed off their various styles on the red carpet for all to see.

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Jessica Chastain

The Zero Dark Thirty actress donned a rose gold, Christian Dior dress to the awards, managing to both keep it simple while surprising viewers. The folded corset of the dress gives the outfit a sophisticated look, even with pockets at the waist. However, the pleated skirt down to Chastain’s knees allows the dress a girly appearance and brings an innocent look to the outfit that we love.

Mindy Kaling

Kaling wore a little black dress to the event with sheer, polka-dotted fabric over her upper chest. To add pizzazz to the dress, Kaling wore red, Saint Laurent boots as well as some red lipstick, which brought more color to the overall appearance. These added blasts of red were beautiful, but thankfully didn’t take too much attention away from the dress itself.

Amy Poehler

We fell in love with the comedienne’s choice of a plum, Hervé Leroux dress, fitted tightly to Poehler’s curves. The sheer sleeves showed off Poehler’s toned arms but kept the dress sophisticated and appropriate. The beautiful color gave her face a nice glow and was perfect for a mid-winter event. Brava!

Kerry Bishe

Bishe brought spring to the event with her sequined dress, left unfitted to her body but still remained dazzling. The dress complemented her blonde hair and fair-toned skin without making Bishe look washed out or pale. We wish Bishe chose shoes that were not so dark-colored as to take away from the outfit, but luckily, the dress is sparkly enough that the shoes are not a major concern.

Kate Walsh

Walsh surprised us all by actually wearing a brown ball gown, but managing to pull it off. We did not expect anyone to wear a gown such as this to the guild awards, but still love it. The corseted top clung to Walsh’s curves appropriately, and the flare at the bottom gave the overall appearance a look of length, with the black lines of fabric running down the front of the dress. Very simple, but very elegant!

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