NYFW E-Board Pick: Timo Weiland

By Sarah Darrow
Photos: Style.com

Timo Weiland’s fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection had some definite high and low points for me. The designers said that they were inspired by English Tudors and the idea of “hip East London girls heading to the country for the weekend.” I’m not sure if that’s the vibe I was getting when looking through their collection, but there were definitely hints of it in some looks. Or at least hints of what I imagine a hip East London girl wearing for a weekend trip to the country.

While browsing through the looks, I found the most interesting pieces in the collection to be the dresses. There was one striped dress that showed a small triangular peek of skin in the front, which was incredibly chic. This style carries a lot of visual interest and could definitely appeal to a younger age group. I also loved the final two dresses, particularly the very last one. The navy satin material gave it a nice sheen and the dress would be perfect for any fancy event. While there were some sweater and skirt looks that I wasn’t too fond of, the stylish dresses outweighed them.

Check out some of my favorite pieces and go to Style.com to see the rest of the collection!

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