NYFW E-Board Pick: Jason Wu

By Jennifer Sun
Photos: Style.com

Jason Wu has always been a designer that has emphasized femininity in a classic and chic way and Michelle Obama has consistently chosen his clothing because of that. For his Fall 2013 RTW collection, Wu took this style to a new level as he emphasized the power of femininity by utilizing a lot of black and white, fur, and by creating strong shoulders on many of his garments. The show was actually titled “Extreme Femininity” and whether or not Wu created a pantsuit, dress, or trench coat, the look was undoubtedly commanding and assertive.

The collection featured over forty looks, but the majority of them were black and white pieces that contributed to the “extreme” side of “Extreme Femininity.” But there were also a few red outfits that made an appearance in the middle of the show that clearly depicted the “femininity” side as well. Wu also incorporated sweet polka designs as well as cocktail dresses made of light chiffon that set off some of the more constrained looks where shirts were buttoned up to the collar.

The only thing that didn’t fit in with the show was the last look of the collection, a floor length cobalt blue dress that had a lot of movement. The dress was no doubt beautiful beyond belief, but there were no other blue pieces in the entire show. Prior to that dress, all the other clothes were either black, white, red, camel, or a subdued gray pattern. Yet overall, the show was completely true to its theme and showed off a more serious and intense side to Jason Wu.

See the whole collection here!

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