Cozy Husky

By Juliana McLeod

February has rolled around, and though Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow on Groundhog’s Day, we still find ourselves in the middle of bitter Boston weather. Students around Northeastern campus are keeping warm as they walk to class and keep up with their activities, some of whom I managed to take a snapshot of.


Molly Tankersley, an undeclared major, donned her Nasty Gal black and white-speckled coat, which reaches to mid-thigh so as to keep the cold from freezing her to her bones! The long length of the coat makes Molly appear as even more slender and gives her the opportunity to accessorize her outfit. Molly wanted to brighten her outfit and veer away from the bleak, winter-weather colors. By adding her red and tan-striped scarf from the British company Boden, attention is brought to the outfit. The tan and black J. Crew belts add even more to the overall appearance without taking away from the red accent.


Bradley Applegate, a business major, gives us a Northeastern men’s look as he emphasizes his outfit on layering, the key to keeping warm in the frigid New England weather. Along with his H&M corduroy pants, Bradley starts off with a polo t-shirt and zip-up to keep comfy in class. For his brisk walk through campus, Bradley added a black The North Face jacket as protection from the harsh wind, and finished the outfit with–my favorite part–a jean vest from Urban Outfitters. The layering not only keeps Brad warm but also brings color to his outfit, with jean, black, gray, and white. The colors are perfect for winter and do not take away from Brad’s cozy cords!


Lastly, Emily Vecchi, a communications major, shows us a nice nighttime look, donning a black fur coat, courtesy of Topshop. The fur coat puts an edge to Emily’s winter wardrobe by bringing a unique look to typical Boston coats. (Do you ever see fur coats around Boston?) However, she manages to give her outfit a Manhattan appearance with the all-black look, which you can never go wrong with! Accessorizing the outfit is necessary to give it some color and Emily does just this: Emily’s black Kate Spade purse replaces her backpack, and her turquoise and yellow-beaded necklace adds color to the bleakness of winter.

With some of these looks, we are now ready for winter in Boston. So keep cozy and layer, layer, layer!

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