Staying Fashion Forward in Freezing Temperatures

By Casie Fields
Photos:, Pinterest-bornlippy73, Chictopia

No need to fret during the winter months about what to wear to stay trendy and chic. Although the temperatures may be frigid, use fashion to your advantage to stay warm and cozy. It is more fashionable to dress appropriately for the weather than to be shivering all day long! The following are three looks that display different directions you can take fashion during these cold months.

Look 1:

Furry with hat

Fur is in! And for all those worried about animal rights, faux fur gets the job done just as well. In fact, faux fur may be the better option for college-aged fashionistas because of the affordability and ability to purchase multiple different colors and styles. Along with the warmth of the fur, an adorable knit winter hat will help keep you extra toasty. This is perfect for those bad hair days–just slip the winter hat on and you’re good to go.  Finally, sunglasses are an accessory that you may not necessarily associate with winter, but when worn on a sunny, winter day, they can be both useful and chic.

Look 2:

fashion 1

The winter parka can absolutely save your life in the chilly winter temperatures. This coat is versatile and can be worn to complete a more dressed up look and a sportier look. Along with versatility, the parka can be purchased with a variety of different options ranging from insulation, breathability, waterproofing, and storm flapping. In this look, closed-toe booties are also featured that are appropriate for winter. The thickness of the heel and foot/ankle coverage will keep your feet warm as well as comfortable while walking through any condition. To finish this look, wear an infinity loop scarf to add additional warmth. Not only is a knit infinity scarf warm, but it is also incredibly trendy and can complete almost any outfit in the winter.

Look 3:


Chunky, knit sweaters are a go-to choice in snowy weather. They are warm, comfortable, and very versatile. This look features the sweater paired with leggings, but they also go great with any type of denim, corduroy, khaki, or knit pants.  The belt shown helps define more of your silhouette, so the sweater doesn’t look sloppy. Matching the leather belt is a modish pair of tall leather boots worn with longer socks that fall just below the knee. This over-the-boot sock look is great because not only do the socks keep your legs warm, but they also add an additional accessory to the outfit. This outfit is completed with a faux fur earflap hat, which is a playful, classic winter choice.

How do you like to dress for the winter? Share your tips in the comments!

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